Your new home is waiting

No matter if you are selling or buying, this is an exciting time, albeit stressful, well worth it. Our address is where our memories are made, and our family calls home or, in our case, Homebase.

I can help you through this process. If you have a simple question or a crazy scenario that I have not heard of before, my team is ready to get the answers you need.

Dio Parks, of The Rector Hayden Family of Realtors, is a family man ready to service home buyers and sellers with his brokerage’s spirit of generosity and community. Lexington, and Fayette County, are not only great places to work, but to live, which is why Dio chose to call it home!

With roots in Panama, Dio came to the United States at the age of 6. Dio has built a solid foundation of clients and future connections due to the fact that he is bilingual, with Spanish being his first language. This has allowed Dio to expand his business beyond average boundaries.

Dio strives to provide sincere guidance throughout the process of any real estate transaction as if you were a part of his own family.

Dio is committed to always putting his client’s needs first. As an Army veteran with combat experience in the Middle East, he embodies the dedication and values that he used to serve our country. The military recognizes observation and intelligence just as much as grit and hardwork.

The ability to lead can distinguish a good agent from a great agent, and Dio fought alongside some of the best leaders in the world.

“Success is built from habit.” Dio understands the importance of practice and building good habits. Having ran countless marathons and completing an Ironman, he is a natural born athlete.

Today’s Real Estate market is competitive and fast-paced, meaning only the best survive. Dio carries his athletic traits into his business which include patience, persistence, and result-oriented when locating and closing potential deals.

Being an athlete, Dio thrives in competition; he will go above and beyond to get you infinite value for your current or future property.

Dio is passionate about real estate; with 24 years of corporate experience in client relations and management, it is easy to see why he is able to serve his clients with such grace and tenacity.

His background in sales always comes to play to his clients advantage in any type of transaction. Whether families need help buying or selling their home, Dio is happily ready tocarefully advise any and all individuals through the process! 

"We really appreciate everything Dio has done for us. He was very thorough and did well to understand our needs and what we were looking for. He was quick to respond to us and available to us when needed. We both have busy work schedules and appreciate the willingness to schedule showings when needed within Lexington and in some surrounding counties. He was very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. We would recommend Dio to friends and family!"

Cassandra and Al